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Sam Zormati

Inventor and French businessman, Sam Alexandre Zormati was born in Paris. After studying Law and Political Sciences, he successfully embarked on international import-export trade.

In 2004, Sam Zormati invented and launched the patented Globekash remote card reloading system in Los Angeles and later on 136 countries. Today, Sam Zormati’s technology is used in a multitude of payment terminals as well as by various cards including Visa and Mastercard, Patent Link filed.

Following Globekash, Sam Zormati went on to diversify his fields of action and to invest his royalties in several areas:


Real estate with TacticHomes, an innovative company which specializes in the rapid construction of concrete shot.


Energy with K-Energie, now known as MPower Plant.


Other major projects, which are being studied in different countries.

TacticHomes are built to withstand and provide protection from the elements: heat, cold, wind & rain. Additionally, the homes are built to be hurricane and earthquake resistant. These noise-protected homes are built with thermal shells. The shells offer insulated walls and roof in one piece and protect residents from both the heat and cold. The thermal shells are rated to Albedo SRI Rate and are energy efficient, resulting in lower energy use and costs.


Zormati Real Estate focuses on luxury homes and are high end private property developers in Europe specializing in bespoke renovations, high end refurbishment projects, luxury interiors and vacant residential property management across Prime Real Estate worldwide.  We target prime real estate in statistically high return-on-investment cities.

Mr. Sam Zormati has over 15 years of international experience in luxury properties and design services and has worked with many prominent wealthy clients.  As well as working extensively in Paris, his commissions have taken him to USA, Cyprus, London and United Arab Emirates.

Zormati Real Estate

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